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The following lists links to a variety of data sets used in publications coming out of the Eckert lab. When possible they are grouped by publication. Feel free to use the data as needed. We only ask that you acknowledge the source of the data - either the original publication or this site.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Eckert et al.: Distribution of deleterious fitness effects in soft pines

Eckert et al.: Figure 1. Focal species.
The following links are for DNA sequence alignments (*.fasta, UNIX encoded text) used to infer the distribution of deleterious fitness effects across 11 species of soft pines. They were used in the following publications:

(1) Eckert, A. J., A. D. Bower, K. D. Jermstad, J. L. Wegrzyn, B. J. Knauss, J. V. Syring, and D. B. Neale. Multilocus analyses reveal little evidence for lineage wide adaptive evolution within major clades of soft pines (Pinus subgenus Strobus).

(2) DeGiorgio, M., J. Syring, A. J. Eckert, A. I. Liston, R. Cronn, D. B. Neale, and N. A. Rosenberg. An empirical evaluation of species tree inference strategies using a multilocus dataset from North American pines.

At a minimum, the first paper needs to be cited if you use the data. Please read the documentation carefully before you use these data, as the papers listed above used only parts of the data.

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